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About Us:

This is a picture of me and Pattie taken 7/4/09I started this business after losing my “Bestest Sista Girlfriend”, Pattie.
    I have been beading for sometime now and always made jewelry for Pattie, my sister Denise, and my niece's Kelley-Lyn and Jenna. They have always been my inspiration.
Pattie and Denise would always tell me to start my own business, I would be very thankful they liked my jewelry so much but never really wanted to take that daring step. When Pattie passed away, one of her daughters (Heather), said she was going to take some funeral flowers and get rosary beads made! I was shocked because I had NEVER heard of this, but knew I needed to find out more about it.
I thought, what a beautiful idea, something we could all treasure!
I asked the family if they minded if I took some of the flowers and I started “trying” to make beads, recipe after recipe, hour after hour, I thought I got the hang of it until the beads got a little wet and just cracked and fell apart. I wanted to cry!  All that work, all that time and more importantly, Patties flowers…they were very precious to me! I knew I had to start all over again.
This was now a project I would NEVER give up.
I knew I HAD to do this, (for my sake), I kept hearing Pattie telling me,
“keep going girlfriend, I know you can do this”. After continuing to try different things, I finally got it. It was one of the most difficult and pleasurable projects I have ever done. The smell of roses throughout my house while making the base recipe was amazing!
The tears that I shed thinking the whole time about Pattie and the memories that we shared, my hands that got so tired from rolling beads one after another, trying to get them consistent in size. But I needed to conquer this.. and I did.
    I ended up making 3 bracelets for her daughters, 5 bracelets for her sisters, a keychain for her sister-in-law and a small rosary for her husband to hang in the car over his rear view mirror and ……of course a bracelet for me!!
    These beads take a long time to make but are worth it. I know first hand how valuable these petals are and will take care of yours, as if they were mine! 
                           (I love and miss you, sista)

Me and DeniseMy older sister Denise, (sorry Denise, had to tell people your older), has had breast cancer 4 times, starting at the age of 32, fortunately has beat it every time!
On this website soon you will see awareness jewelry that I've made for her and would like to share with you.
Denise has been my hero my whole life and that’s why she is my inspiration for this line of jewelry.    
                               (I love you sister!!!)