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Caring for your Petal Jewelry:

The Petal jewelry is carefully handcrafted from the petals from your flowers.
The dried petals are crushed to a fine powder and mixed with a base to create the base recipe. 
The beads are hand-rolled and then fired for hardness, resulting in a durable bead that come in your choice of colors. The flower petals are within the bead preserving them for generations to cherish.
These beads are water resistant but not waterproof, I do not recommend wearing them swimming or in the shower. Some jewelry have sterling silver bead caps and medals, while others have silver plate.
Please read the item description carefully as sterling silver tends to tarnish over time and silver plated tends to lose it’s plating exposing the base metal. 
Tarnished sterling silver can be wiped off with a polishing cloth, refreshing the beauty of the silver, while silver plated cannot.

Important notes about ordering Petal Jewelry:

Please be sure to send your flowers with your order.
If your petals are fresh, please remove stem and leave the loose petals out on newspaper or paper towels to air dry, in a single layer for 4-5 days prior to mailing.
Please make sure your petals are not moldy or rotted as these cannot be used.
If you do not have enough petals, I can mix with some of mine if needed, at no additional cost.
I typically need 1 rose per 2 bracelets, although almost any flower will do.
If there are extra petals left over, I will hold them for 1 year and then discard.
When ordering please specify color, size and qty,(if applicable).
Please Make checks payable to: Lisa Etheridge -Jewelry for Gems.
Please leave contact info for any questions that should arise.
Do not send leaves or stems.
These beads are hand-formed, please allow for slight variations to occur. The variations allow each Piece of Jewelry to be unique and add to its beauty for generations to cherish.